Lending Request Unassigned

Installation exhibited at Blunk 18. - 24. april (2017)

The exhibition was, amongst other things, a library system that allowed the audience to bring art works home during the exhibtion period. What they did with it at home, or wherever they took it, was up to them. I like to imagine the audience bringing the artwork into their bed, maybe to the table at breakfast, or into the couch when they watched their new episode of some series.

The exhibtion helt books, plaster cats, photographs and text relating to 10 stones gathered in the area around the gallery space. Suitable packaging for the artworks was provided for transportation of the pieces.

1. Create a lending request - unassigned, either manually from the physical item or through the catalouge
2. Process the lending request using Manage Fulfillment Form - this registers the resource, most likely by connecting a physical item and a B (borrower)
3. Process and pack the resources that are to be used to fulfill the lending request - unassigned
4. Shipping the resources as follows: hand over to B (borrower)
5. Receive the item back from the B (borrower) and scan it in to the exhibtion to be reshelved.